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Licence training material

Our material is accredited by either an official Examination Body (EI) or IP owner. We sell course material to:

Accredited Training Organistions (ATOs)

Why buy course material from another ATO?

    1. Our material is already accredited
    2. ATOs can fast-track their ATO application by using our material
    3. Less admin - we handle the update, versions, changes etc
    4. Cost effective - we have economies of scale
    5. We have a complete offering, including printing, shipping and e-books


Trainer accreditation

Trainer accreditation is based on two pillars:

  1. Trainers must be sponsored by an accredited training organisation (ATO) who holds the accreditation to teach the course the trainer intend to accredit for
  2. Trainers must fulfil the requirements set by the relevant examination body to receive accreditation.

Companies who want to offer accredited courses should do so either as an ATO or as a licenced affiliate of an ATO. It means that if you want to train you need sponsorship of either the ATO directly or a licenced affiliate of the ATO. There is no category that allows for an “independent” accredited trainer. So step one – get a sponsor!
We help trainers that are sponsored by our licenced affiliates to go through the certification process. Once you have a sponsor the following four targets need to be achieved:

  1. You must pass the exams for the courses you want to teach with at least 66% (generally) or 70% for ITIL. A few exceptions apply where a higher pass mark is required (e.g. SDI). In some instances, additional requirements may apply (e.g. ITIL have a very complex set of criteria – download the trainer criteria document for more info).
  2. You need to successfully complete and in-class assessment validating that you can train. This is normally in the form of an assessor attending 3 hours of any course you teach.
  3. Pass a skills assessment by a subject matter expert.

Trainers also need to be re-assessed regularly. A skills assessment is done yearly and in-class assessment every 3 years.


Using our trainers

Licenced affiliates and other ATOs may use our trainers. Our trainers have years of practical experience in the subjects they teach. Our trainers are also cross-skilled in various best-practice frameworks and know how these can be applied together in the workplace. All of our trainers are also coaches and/or consultants who can, not only tell you, but also show you!